Keeping Your Car Clean in the Winter

Keeping Your Car Clean in the Winter | Mike Raisor Ford

The last thing anyone wants to do in cold weather is clean their car, but it’s more important during the winter than any other time of year. Keeping your car clean in the winter will make it more comfortable and help it stay healthy, so follow these easy tips to get your Ford through to spring.

1: Protect the floors

Lay down thick rubber mats and even towels to prevent mud and slush from sinking into your carpet, leaving a mess that’s hard to clean and can even stink up your car. Rubber mats are easier to clean and dry faster, leaving a cleaner cabin.

2: Wash and wax the exterior

Washing your car regularly in the winter is essential, especially washing the undercarriage, so you can keep salt and grime from building up. Follow up with a wax job to protect your Ford’s paint job!

3: Vacuum

Use a shop vac to clean dried dirt, rocks, salt, and more out of your Ford, which will keep it from ruining your carpet and upholstery. If you drive a Ford Escape or any of Ford’s rugged utility vehicles, you’re probably the adventurous type who tracks all kinds of earth into your car, so don’t skip this step!

4: Wipe down the interior

Clean your Ford’s windshield and windows with glass cleaner and use wet wipes to clean the dashboard, steering wheel, and console. This will improve visibility and help avoid sticky buildup you don’t want to touch.

5: Park in covered areas

This factor isn’t always under your control, but if you can help it, stay out of the snow and away from slush-covered roads and park in a garage or carport.

Of course, if you are looking for a clean, shiny new vehicle this winter, be sure to stop by our Mike Raisor Ford dealership.

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