How to Prep Your Ford for the Winter

Get Your Ford Ready for Winter | Mike Raisor Ford

Indiana’s winter season can take a toll on both you and your car. To help lessen the blow of freezing temperatures, we’re here with some tips on how to prep your Ford vehicle for the season.

Check Fluid Levels

Keeping proper fluid levels in your vehicle is essential. Two of the most important fluid levels to check are your antifreeze and engine coolant, which ensure that your Ford starts and will keep you going. You should also check motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, washer fluid and power steering fluid.

Monitor Tire Pressure

You’ll want to check your vehicle’s tire pressure both before and throughout winter. In order to gain traction on the road, your Ford’s tires must have proper tire pressure. Tires with improper pressure could cause slipping and sliding on the road.

Swap out Tires

Alternatively, instead of keeping your Ford’s all-season tires on, you can swap them out for winter tires. They have improved traction and specialized rubber to help you take on tough winter roads.

Test Battery

Your Ford’s battery will be challenged in the winter when cold temperatures hit. To help ensure that your battery will start your car, test its charge before the weather gets too chilly. If you find that your battery has a weak charge, take it down to our service department and we’ll get you ready to go.

For more winter weather driving tips, be sure to speak with our staff at Mike Raisor Ford.

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